Six Essential Nutrients Your Body Requires

Six Essential Nutrients Your Body Requires

The human body needs vital nutrients from external sources available in food as certain nutrients are not capable of being produced in sufficient quantities in the body. Moreover, such important nutrients are vital for boosting the immune system, fighting diseases and maintaining optimum health.


Protein is regarded as the building blocks of the body, not only intended for muscle but everything from skin, hair, bone, and cell, making it imperative for optimum health of the body. Protein composes other indispensable substances such as hormones and antibodies as well. The essential nutrient is primarily made up of several types of amino acids. Although the body can produce certain amino acids by itself, it is essential to get other amino acids from food sources for optimum functionality. Natural sources of protein are fish, poultry, beans, soy, nuts, meat, and fish.


Although consuming moderate amounts of carbohydrates is recommended, carbohydrates cannot be avoided as it provides the needed energy for optimum functioning of the central nervous system, brain and boosts immunity. Healthy sources of carbohydrates are beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits.


Despite common misconceptions of fat, a moderate amount of healthy fat is needed for the body. Fat is critical in facilitating important functions of the body such as movement of muscles, blood clotting, building cells and absorption of vitamins and minerals. In addition to their benefits, fat enables you to moderate blood sugar levels, enhance brain performance and minimize the risk of severe diseases such as heart ailments, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer. Unsaturated fat can be obtained from fish, vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds.


Vitamins are necessary for the body in fighting off severe diseases such as cancer, and for maintaining optimum health of the skin, vision, bones, and body due to its antioxidant properties. Vitamin can be infused in the diet by consuming a complete balanced diet of fruits, vegetables or vitamin supplements.


Minerals are a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy body. Minerals help in facilitating healthy teeth, bones, regulating metabolism levels and ensuring optimum hydration levels. Few of the most crucial minerals are zinc, iron, and calcium. Such minerals can be obtained from eating a well-balanced diet or supplements.


Around 62 percent of the human body weight is composed of water. The body can survive without food for a couple of days but will fail to survive even a day without sufficient water. Water performs numerous critical functions in the body such as facilitating nutrients, avoids constipation, flushes toxins and waste out of the system and keeps the body cool or hydrated. If the color of the urine is yellow, then it is a clear indicator more water is needed in the body. Tend to stay hydrated at all times by drinking water periodically or eating water-rich foods like watermelon or spinach.

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